Refractory concrete bricks

We produce refractory concrete bricks for various industry sectors.

Production technology: VIBRATION MOULDING

  • We pour the refractory concrete mix into moulds on a vibrating table. This compacts the brick and removes almost all air bubbles.
  • The bricks are fired in an electrically heated furnace at a temperature of about 600°C, which guarantees high strength, dimensional stability and hydraulic binding.
  • Each brick passes through human hands several times during production, so we can boldly call our production ‘handmade’.
Alfa-heat | Žárobetonová tvarovka

Advantages of our production technology:

  • We can make almost any complicated shape.
  • You can also order smaller amounts of bricks at favourable prices thanks to our low mould costs.
  • Our own production allows us to repair the linings of heating systems very quickly.
  • Refractory concrete lining does not need to be tempered further.

We also choose the most suitable mix for the production of your refractory concrete bricks. We use two types of our own mixes and additional mixes from Czech and foreign producers.


Mixes produced by us:

  • Shale based mix – with a classification temperature up to 1350°C.
  • Corundum and silicon carbide based mix with a classification temperature of 1600°C.

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