Oven heaters

We manufacture heating elements for rapid heating of the charge in tempering furnaces and lines

Compared to gas heating, they have the advantage of far better control options

Technical parameters can be adjusted according to customer requirements.


The main advantages of heating elements from us:

  • the heating element is made of special ceramic targets with a temperature resistance of up to 1500 °C

  • ceramic targets have a very high mechanical strength, which significantly extends the life of the body

  • the heating wire is straight, not wound on the surface and passes through the holes in the ceramic targets

  • we only use Kanthal A 1 material

  • ceramic insulators are made of Pyroxal 50 material with a temperature resistance of approx. 1300 °C

  • the lower insoluble part is insulated with a ceramic fibrous mat with a temperature resistance of 1280°C

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