We provide refractory works and the manufacture of refractory concrete bricks

We can manufacture custom-made bricks (even small quantities) with a long service life and better thermal storage properties (than fire clay), fast implementation (production and installation). We save your time and money.

What we can do for you

We can replace or repair the refractory lining of your heating equipment

  • This will extend its service life.
  • We will reduce energy consumption.
  • We will facilitate the operation and maintenance of the device.

We can manufacture complicated refractory lining parts ourselves

  • We can install the bricks into the lining of any heating equipment.
  • We replace parts of the lining with high-quality refractory concrete bricks manufactured by us.
  • We produce refractory concrete bricks for various industry sectors.
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Refractory concrete bricks for your boilers

  • Do you make solid fuel boilers? We can produce custom-made refractory concrete bricks that you can use instead of fire clay.

Why is refractory concrete better than traditional fire clay?

  • Refractory concrete has much better heat storage properties.
  • The custom-made bricks can be easily installed in your boiler.
  • The time to repair or replace the lining is much shorter.
  • The lining has a longer service life, which naturally extends the service life of the whole boiler.
  • You will save time and money for further repairs and complaints.
  • When boilers are operated at lower efficiency levels, refractory concrete reduces emissions.

Why should you choose us?

  • We make our refractory concrete bricks from a mix we developed ourselves. We know exactly what ingredients are in each mix and in what ratio.
  • We only use the best quality of ingredients and materials.
  • We fulfil orders in record time, which is appreciated by our customers.
  • Thanks to the connection of our refractory and production division, we can afford to offer you lower prices than our competition.
  • We also take on small orders that our competition refuses.

We’re a Czech company called ALFA HEAT CZ, s.r.o., and we’re certainly not new to the field of refractory technology. We have been performing refractory works and producing refractory concrete bricks since 2013.

Our offer

Insulation and lining work

We provide:

  • ‘Turnkey’ insulation and lining of heating units.
  • Thermal calculations.
  • Proposal of optimal lining materials.
  • Routine repairs and overhauls of the lining of furnaces, boilers, incinerators
    and other thermal devices.
  • Modernisation of the lining of heating equipment – reduced energy consumption.

Cremation furnaces

Our company specialises in repair of the cremation furnace linings.
We perform local repairs – floor replacements, as well as overhauls of the entire furnace lining.
We can also supply and install all air ducts, protective sleeves for thermocouples, etc.
We have experience in the repair of cremation furnace linings of both Czech and foreign production.

Inspections and supervision

We perform inspections of linings of all heat generators, including continuous furnaces in the building materials industry, heating, annealing and drying furnaces kilns in foundries and cremation furnaces.
For foreign customers all over the world, we offer supervisory services during lining repairs, where we oversee the implementation of repairs directly in our customers’ plants.

Refractory concrete bricks

This production technology has several advantages:

  • Possibility of producing very complicated shapes.
  • Economic capacity of even small series thanks to lower mould costs.
  • Acceleration of repairs or installation of heat generator linings.
  • The finished lining does not need to be tempered.

We use our own mixes based on shale and corundum containing silicon carbide, as well as mixes from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Heating elements

We offer the production of spare heating elements for industrial furnaces from various manufacturers in the following variants:

  • Coils for mounting in grooves or on a ceramic carrier.
  • Meanders attached to the furnace walls with ceramic holders.
  • Panels made of refractory ceramics fitted with heating wire.

Insulation materials

We offer high-temperature insulation materials based on ceramic fibres and biofibres.

We now also offer microporous insulation boards for better prices.

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