Realization of the general repair of the enamel furnace lining

Customer: Stiebel Eltron Slovakia, Poprad

  • complete general repair of the lining of the continuous kiln for firing enamels, including the project
  • the original design in the form of insulation material blanks was replaced by fibrous insulation modules
  • insulation modules are fixed using special double-needle and “U” anchors
  • a layer of special paint, the so-called coating, was applied to the modules in the last phase, which will extend the life of the lining
  • the floor insulation solution remained according to the original design – insulating boards and insulating lightweight bricks of higher strength as the last working layer
  • compared to the original solution, the new solution achieves better insulation properties of the entire lining and thus significantly reduces the energy demand of operation
  • the new solution does not require a long start-up time – drying of the lining, so after the work is completed it is therefore possible to put the furnace into standard operation almost immediately